the alarm system for all cases.

Intelligent, flexible, user-friendly, modular.

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Efficient alerting of irregularities

Your advantages with STEBalarm

STEBalarm - for technical alarms in these industries ...

Our alarm system STEBalarm is extremely versatile. For a wide range of industries such as retail and wholesale, food production, transport, sales, municipalities and cities, federal and cantonal authorities, industrial and manufacturing companies, banks, research institutes, energy suppliers and power plant operators.

STEBalarm monitors and alerts...

Comprehensive services for optimal protection

What our customers say about STEBalarm ...

Max Gafner
Wasserverbund Seeland AG
«With STEBalarm we can better plan our on-call service and alert the right person quickly and safely at any time.»
Steve Gobert
«Thanks to the flexible interface connection of STEBalarm, we were able to keep existing systems and continue normal operation without any major problems.»
Stefan Augsburger
Schwendimann AG
«STEBalarm sends understandable plain text alarms, which are very important for a well prepared operation.»
Jean-Claude Girard
Kläranlage Le Landeron
«STEBalarm enables us to form an on-call community with our neighbouring wastewater treatment plant. »
Markus Zumbrunn
ARA Region Meiringen
«The interface to the telephone exchange allows us to alarm and acknowledge with the internal handsets, as well as the transmission of dead man's alarms.»

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