AEK/BKW Contracting AG

The leading energy supplier operates around 100 heating centers, which had independent alarm solutions.

With STEBalarm, all systems could be integrated into a single solution. The REbella process control system and the process visualization make operation even easier.

Wastewater treatment plant Le Landeron

STEBalarm and the ARAbella process control system monitor and control the plant, which treats wastewater from the communes of Le Landeron, La Neuveville, Ligni├Ęres and Nods, with a total population equivalent of around 15,000.

Wastewater treatment plant Meiringen

The plant treats the wastewater of the municipalities of Meiringen, Hasliberg and Schattenhalb with a population equivalent of around 13,000. All parts of the plant are equipped with the STEBalarm alarm system, which is integrated into the ARAbella process control system from STEBATEC.